Frequently asked

Answers to all those brilliant battery recycling questions

What is made from recycled batteries?

The metals recovered from batteries end up in a host of new products, from mobile phones to computers, and stainless steel cutlery to brilliant white paint. Check out our page on 'How it works' where we run through the entire process of recycling batteries!

Can I recycle rechargeable batteries?

Yes! There are three main types of rechargeable batteries - Lithium, Nickel Metal Hydride, and Nickel-Cadmium. Good news - they are all recoverable!

How can I spread the word about battery recycling?

Ah, we love your enthusiasm! You can be a recycling rockstar by sharing the importance of battery recycling with your friends, family, and social media pals. Together, we can create a buzz and inspire others to join the battrecycle movement. Let's power up the planet with positive change!

Can I recycle batteries at home?

While we applaud your enthusiasm, it's best to leave battery recycling to the professionals. To ensure proper recycling and prevent any mishaps, we recommend taking your batteries to one of our dedicated collection points or participating in community recycling programs. Together, we make a bigger impact!

Why should I recycle batteries instead of throwing them away?

Recycling batteries is a superhero move for the environment! By recycling, you prevent harmful substances from leaching into the soil and water, and you help conserve precious resources. Whilst helping the environment, by using one of our bins you're also helping the community and supporting charities! Let's join forces and make a positive impact together!

Can I recycle batteries that are completely dead?

Absolutely! Dead batteries still deserve a second chance at life. Even if they're out of juice, we can extract valuable materials from them through recycling. Remember, every battery counts!

What types of batteries can I recycle?

We're here to recycle all your battery buddies! From regular alkaline batteries to rechargeable ones like lithium-ion and nickel-metal hydride, we've got you covered. Leave no battery behind!

How can I recycle my old batteries?

Recycling old batteries is a piece of cake! Just drop them off at one of our convenient collection points or look for #TheBigYellowBin in your area. We've made it super easy for you to do your part for the planet!