So – what is Battrecycle?

Thursday, October 12, 2023
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A cartoon of a battery leaning against a planet

At Battrecycle, we believe in the power of collective action and the positive ripple effect it can create. So we have launched a nationwide, single-message initiative to raise awareness of the importance of recycling batteries, with the overall aim to triple the volume of batteries collected. Along with our mascot Battery Bob, supermarkets, schools and retailers will have their #BigYellowBatteryBin ready to receive your dead batteries.


But we’re not just passionate about recycling batteries; we’re also committed to making a difference in the lives of others. That’s why, for every battery recycled at a Battrecycle collection point, we will be donating to local community projects that share our vision for a better world.


How do I find a battery collection point?


All battery collection points that are accessible to the public, can be viewed via our locater here. Simply enter your postcode, select your address, and the collection points in your local area will appear. Simple! For information on what kind of batteries you can recycle, visit our FAQs page.


I want to encourage those I work with to recycle their batteries – how can I help?


Whether you’re a school, local authority, office, gym, or even a library – your employees and for some the public who step through your doors are ALL battery consumers. With so many collection points scattered across the UK, you can become a Battrecycle champion in your workplace!

We’ve created a dedicated media pack to raise awareness of the importance of battery recycling, including a QR code straight to our locater – so there's no excuse!


If you want to take things one step further – your company or place of work can be a dedicated Battrecycle collection point! With bins ranging from a 5l bucket up to a 60l container, you could have the capacity to collect1,000’s of batteries and stop them from reaching landfill.


Guess what – you want just be responsibly recycling batteries…You’ll also be supporting local community projects at the same time!


Supporting local community projects


In addition to increasing battery recycling, Battrecycle will be committed to supporting local communities. For every battery recycled, Battrecycle will be funding community projects designed to educate on and increase local access to the environment.


In time, when you deposit your batteries you’ll be able to assign which local community project you’d like to contribute them to!


Be a part of the Battrecycle Campaign


Interested in becoming a Battrecycle collection point? Simply fill in this form to get your Battrecycle buckets and media pack.


If you’re a local authority, school, business or brand who wants to support the Battrecycle campaign – firstly, thank you! We’d love to see photos of your Triple-A heroes depositing their batteries in #TheBigYellowBatteryBin, simply contact us at or DM us on Instagram or Twitter @battrecycle.

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